Polallie-Cooper Timber Sale (2005)

5/12/05 We were delighted to learn that the Forest Service has withdrawn the Polallie-Cooper Sales. So this logging project is now canceled! This is a huge victory for Mt. Hood, for those who rely on the Crystal Springs Watershed for drinking water, and all those who enjoy this wild area near Cooper Spur.

Project Status: 
General Information
Hood River Ranger District
Total Acres: 

East Fork Hood River
Sub-Watersheds: Pollalie CreekTilly Jane Creek facing drainages " on East Fork Tributaries"

Habitat & Species
Habitat & Species: 

T&E Species: NSO CHU OR-1NSO 1998 Bi-Op3 pairs w/in area, 1 adj.Bald Eagle
Other Species: Steelhead Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Wolverine, Harlequin Duck

Total Acres: 
Total Riparian Acres: 
"Purpose & Need": 

Restore conifer vegetation to fully support the timber growth capability and suitability of B-2 allocated land. Provide a viewpoint of Mt. Hood at a safe vehicle turnout. Reduce the fuel level within portions of the Cooper Spur Ski Permit Area. Create a fuelbreak along the urban interface. "

Bark Comments: 

94 acres of fuelbreak along urban interface, all but 6 acres of which are counted under commercial thin acres 4 of the RR acres are part of this the other 2 acres will be hand manipulation. Only 21 of Clan and Kilt are for fire risk.

Timber Sale Names: 

Clan (233 Acres, 2.293 MMBF, 5573 CCF)
Sold on Jul-09-2002 to High Cascade
Status: Cancelled!
Kilt (212 Acres, 2.5 MMBF, 5797 CCF)
Sold on Sep-10-2002 to High Cascade
Status: Cancelled!
Tartan (420 Acres, 5 MMBF)
Status: Cancelled!


3/1-6/30 : All Operations
April 15- August 1st : Operations. Restricted Units: 32, 5

Driving Directions: 

Take 1-84 out to 3rd Hood River Exit (Hwy 35). For Clan and Kilt Take a right onto Hwy 35 to Mt. Hood. Turn right at Mt. Hood Community Store to Cooper Spur Road. At Junction Turn Left or Right. Units will be on both sides of the road.
The timber sale is located on both sides of Hwy 35 east of Cooper Spur and along road 3512 north of road 44 along the west slope of the ridge that overlooks the East Fork Hood River and Hwy 35

Temporary Road Miles: