Shellwood Timber Sale

The Shellwood sale (scoping) has been canceled. This sale had em all thinning for supposed forest health clearcutting Cathedral forests to create the Forest Service 's desired giant Oak Grove plantation and logging within a roadless area.

Project Status: 
General Information
Clackamas River Ranger District
Total Acres: 

Oak Grove Fork

Total Acres: 
"Purpose & Need": 

The project area contains stands that are growing slowly and have been determined to be past the culmination of mean annual increment. " (We need to cut down the old growth b/c young trees grow faster). "The area will also remain in a fragmented condition which does not approximate the natural disturbance pattern " (We want to link up the clear-cuts. It looks really unnatural to have standing older forest surrounded by clear-cuts. Large accurate clear-cuts look more natural). For thinning "there are some stands of second growth trees that are experiencing aslowing of growth due to overcorwding. "

Bark Comments: 

Unit 4 - thin 46 acres. Unit 5 thin 64 acres. Unit 6 regen 38 acres. Unit 7 site prep 9 acres. Unit 8 site prep 17 acres. Unit 9 site prep 4 acres. Unit 10 site prep 7 acres. Unit 11 site prep 9 acres. Unit 12 regen 5 acres. Unit 13 regen 10 acres. Unit 14 regen 17 acres. Unit 15 Regen 22 acres. Unit 16 regen 12 acres.

Timber Sale Names: 

Shellwood (247 Acres, 2 MMBF)
Status: Cancelled!

Driving Directions: 

From Rt. 205 take Rt 224 East 45.2 miles to intersection of Rt 57 and Rt 46. Take Rt 57 (to the left) 7.6 miles to Rt. 58. Take Rt. 58 (left) past Hideaway Lake (mile 3.1) to Anvil Lake (6.5 miles). Take Forest Rd 5800-160 (right) towards Anvil lake for 1.7 miles. Park at 2nd closed road to right.
The timber sale project area is located north of the junction of 58 and 5810, east of 58 and Shellrock Creek