Upper Clackamas Timber Sale

The Upper Clackamas Thin has been a collaborative project with the Clackamas Stewardship Partners. The CSP is a group of stakeholders, including the Forest Service and Bark, who act as a collaborative group to try and find common ground around logging, restoration and other stewardship opportunities. Although, the CSP did propose some thinning recommendations, the Forest Service has added new road construction, as well as reopening previously decommissioned roads for access into the logging units. Bark does not support new road building in Mt. Hood National Forest.

Project Status: 
General Information
Clackamas River Ranger District
Total Acres: 

Upper Clackamas

"Purpose & Need": 

The purpose of this initiative is to thin second-growth plantations to achieve multiple objectives.See list in the Scoping Letter.

Timber Sale Names: 

Wall (1100 Acres)
Status: Logged
Roman (includes parts of Rethin)
Status: Logging
Wolf (includes parts of Rethin)
Status: Sold, but not logged
Swag (includes parts of Rethin)
Status: Logging
Day (includes parts of Rethin)
Status: Logging

Driving Directions: 

This timber sale is located scatter shot around the Upper Clackamas. For detailed maps see the attached sale map or contact Bark for information about specific units.

New Road Miles: 
Road Comments: 

Reconstruction Miles: 2