Upper Timber Sale

The Roads are punched in, trees cut for landings, but logging of the units had not yet begun as of (12/17/04), but appears to have started now. The Upper Timber Sale was auctioned on March 7,2003. The high bidder was Rosboro Lumber for $600,758.50 or 90 ccf weighted average per ccf. This sale has major riparian issues - with only 30 ft buffers recommended on the abundant streams in the unit. One of the proposed temporary roads crosses a stream-bed. This sale contains beautiful native forest surrounded on several sides by the old Boyer Creek thin - a hideous example of what the whole area will look like if the Upper sale proceeds as planned.

Project Status: 
General Information
Clackamas River Ranger District
Total Acres: 

North Fork Clackamas
Sub-Watersheds: Upper North Fork

Habitat & Species
Habitat & Species: 

T&E Species: NSO 1998 Bi-Op, Red Legged Frog, Lower Columbia Steelhead, Lower Columbia Coho
Other Species: Lower Columbia Spring Chinook, Lower Columbia River Cutthroat Trout

Total Riparian Acres: 
"Purpose & Need": 

According to the Forest Service, the Matrix land in this area is overstocked ' and "lacks diversity. ' Yet most of the areas we walked through looked healthy with a wide diversity of species, ground cover, and several layers of canopy. We could see light clearly reaching the forest floor. Lichens and mushrooms were everywhere. In the Riparian areas, the Forest Service believes it is necessary to thin within 30 feet of streams to 'improve riparian conditions by accelerating development of mature forest characteristics including larger trees that would provide future large woody debris recruitment and snag habitat. ''

Bark Comments: 

While only 30 foot buffers would be placed on non-fish bearing streams, seeps, springs or wet areas great than 1 acre, cutting may begin on seeps, springs and wet areas less than 1 acre at the very edge of riparian vegetation (devils club, salmonberry, skunk cabbage etc). The no cut buffer would only include the first row of coniferous trees. One wonders what exactly their definition of mature forest " characteristics is. Does it depend only on tree size or are healthy soil and species diversity included in the desired mix? There is fertilization of all the matrix lands - which is very worrisome as some of the land is on very steep slopes above the riparian areas. This seems a situation likely to contaminate riparian reserves with both fertilizer and erosion."

Timber Sale Names: 

Upper (183 Acres, 3 MMBF, 7050 CCF)
Sold on Mar-07-2003 to Rosboro Lumber


10/1 - 6/30 : No operation of ground-based yarding equipment. Restricted Units: all ground-based yarding units
10/1 - 5/31 : no landing construction, road construction or reconstruction or skyline yarding. Restricted Units: riparian reserves

New Road Miles: 
Temporary Road Miles: 
Road Comments: 

600 ' to access Unit 3. 400 feet of Level One secified road to access Units 1 and 2. 500 feet of permanent road and 2300 feet of temporary road to access Units 5,6, and 7. 25 feet of road will be in the Riparian Reserve of Unit 5. Reconstruct Outside fillslope on Forest Roads 4610 and 4610150 Spot rock portions of Forest Roads 4610130, 4610150 and 4610151 to reduce sedimentation.