36 pit fire

Wildcrafting Workshop: Charcoal Ink

Learn how to make and use charcoal pigment in your work 

Artist Talk: Gary Wiseman

The Portland Pataphysical Society is hosting a panel discussion with artist Gary Wiseman. Gary has been the Tinderbox Artist-in-Residence at Bark this summer and has made a body of work in response to our work advocating for Mt. Hood's forests and rivers.

Are forest fires good for forests?

On my desk at the Bark office is a single Trivial Pursuit card. The Science & Nature question asks: “Are forest fires good for forests? What do you think the answer is?”

If you, like so many millions of Americans, have been brought up with Smokey Bear’s “Only YOU can prevent forest fires!” and are accustomed to reading headlines like “Blazing inferno destroys forest”, you may well answer the trivia question “no.”