Bagby Hot Springs

Summit County Voice: Lawsuit challenges Forest Service day-use fees

"This litigation is being undertaken to establish that the National Forests belong to the people, not the federal agencies and their profit-driven recreation industry partners.”

OPB: Suit Filed Over Mt. Hood National Forest Fees

by Rob Manning, OPB

Environmentalists filed a lawsuit Wednesday aimed at the fees being charged to use the Mount Hood National Forest.

The suit argues the U.S. Forest Service is using special permits with vendors to avoid federal procedures and requirements related to recreation sites on public lands. Forests in three states -- including Oregon -- are named in the suit.

Bark Alert: Old growth assault and illegal fees on the Clackamas

Make Bagby your valentine and celebrate 2,300 acres protected!

Open House Tuesday For Bagby Hot Springs Plan

The move to privatize oversight of Bagby Hot Springs and more than two dozen other sites in the Mount Hood National Forest comes before the public at an open house Tuesday.

Mt. Hood National Forest sets meeting on idea of privatizing management at Bagby Hot Springs

Open house Tuesday, January 18th from 4-7pm at Forest Service Headquarters in Sandy.

At Mt. Hood's troubled, beautiful Bagby Hot Springs, the possibility of change soaks in

"Our question is, is a company going to manage Bagby in a way that reflects the values of the people using it?"

Forest Service ignores public in Bagby changes

Without any public oversight or comment period, the Forest Service has made drastic changes to the historic hot springs

Video: Privatizing Bagby Hot Springs without public input

The Forest Service has recently begun deconstructing the scenic and historic Bagby Hot Springs and will soon privatize its management without seeking public comment.