Bark Summer School

Summer Base Camp: Session 2

Join Bark's groundtruthing and training camp-out along the Clackamas River, near Bagby Hot Springs. Learn how to field check a timber sale, and many other skills as we camp, work, and explore together in the forest.

June Ecology Club: Volcano Night!

Join Bark volunteer Heather Fisher in July for a presentation & discussion on Mt. Hood -- the volcano!

Wildcrafting Workshop: Charcoal Ink

Learn how to make and use charcoal pigment in your work 

Urban Farming and Climate Change

Do you want to grow your own food?
Join us and learn the best ways to do it!

You are invited to join Bark volunteers and supporters for a round table discussion about climate friendly food production.

Mother's Day Bark About

Join Bark’s volunteer Hike Leaders on the Clackamas River to see the very rare Iris tenuis in bloom!

Social Media Workshop

Join us for a workshop on social media strategies for campaign outreach.

Special Conifer ID Hike

Join Bark volunteer Gradey Proctor for a day on the mountain, learning the dominant conifers of the Pacific Northwest.

Bark Summer School Kickoff Ecology Talk

Did you know that trees share nutrients and water with one another through an underground network of hidden fungi? And that damaging these soil networks through logging activities can leave entire swaths of forest malnourished for up to 45 years?