Base Camp

Base Camp: Medicinal Plant Workshop with the Arctos School

Join Gradey Proctor from the Arctos School as we explore forests to learn about how our work as plant people intersects with the important work of

Base Camp Workshop: Connecting Ecology to Policy

Paula Hood, Co-Director of Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, will lead a discussion focused on helping people understand connection between observable ecological processes and federal forest policy.

Walking Workshop: Medicinal Plants

Learn how to identify and use common medicinal plants that can be found growing around the camp!

Bigfoot Night @ Base Camp

Chances are if you've spent enough time in the forest, you've shared a moment with Mt. Hood most mysterious resident.

Base Camp Daily Schedule

A typical weekday will look something like this (weekends will be more centered around community-led workshops and fun time!):Groundtruthing training

Base Camp Workshop: Take Action for the Elliot State Forest

This presentation will be held at Bark's Base Camp, and will cover the past and pending efforts to save the Elliott habitat, public lands access, and the state of the Marbled Murrelet.

10 days 'til Base Camp!

Audie, Base Camp Coordinator

Mt. Hood is more than just a pretty picture.

This summer we are asking Barkers: Why is Mt. Hood special to you?