Yakima Herald: Rising fees on public lands taking a toll

Two unrelated developments — one in Congress, the other in the courts — could make it more expensive for campers and others to recreate on public lands. At stake, some say, is nothing less than equal access to national parks and forests.

Ruling makes your camping trip a lot more expensive

This week a federal judge made a ruling that allows for private companies to charge for recreation on public lands. Learn more below, than contact the House Natural Resources Committee before Friday, April 4th, asking them to protect recreation access.

Bark Challenges Forest Service decision to privatize Bagby Hot Springs and 27 other Mt. Hood recreation sites

The Forest Service’s plan to increase privatization of recreation management in Mt. Hood National Forest has drawn fire from the public, especially concerning increasing fees at campgrounds and creating fees for use of Bagby Hot Springs.

Groups oppose plan by national forest: California company will manage 28 sites on Mt. Hood National Forest

Bagby Hot Springs and 27 other recreation sites in the Mt. Hood National Forest will switch management this spring.

Oregonian: Private company will manage Bagby Hot Springs in the Mount Hood National Forest

Soaking at Bagby is free now, except for a $5 daily forest pass required to park at the trailhead. Eric Mart, president of California Land Management in Palo Alto, said a fee is likely. "We can't operate it without revenue," he said.

OPB: USFS Turns Management of Popular Hot Springs Over To Private Company

The US Forest Service has decided to hand management of more than two dozen recreation sites on Mount Hood to private companies. That includes the popular Bagby Hot Springs.

Bark Press Release: Forest Service approves privatization of Bagby Hot Springs, 27 other Mt. Hood recreation sites

Bark, the local environmental group dedicated to protecting and restoring Mt. Hood National Forest, plans to appeal the decision.

Mail Tribune: Ruling Affects Forest Use Fees

A ruling in an Arizona case by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco may ultimately cut fees for visiting undeveloped sites on national forestland in the Pacific Northwest.

Estacada News: Forest Service faces lawsuit regarding concessionaire program

Portland-based environmental nonprofit takes exception to private company operating sites at Mt. Hood National Forest

Bark Sues over privatizing Mt. Hood recreation

Bark joins a nationwide lawsuit to challenge new fees on public lands.