May Ecology Club: Lichen Night

For our May Ecology Club, we will explore the unbelievable world of lichens!

November Ecology Club: Becoming Birds – Decolonizing Ecoliteracy through Connecting to Place

An ecoliterate populace has been described as one of the most important ways to promote sustainability and combat climate change and myriad other

October Ecology Club: Smokey the Beaver!

Never has there been a more pressing time to discuss what opportunities humans have to better coexist with wildfire.

Native Plants and Pollinators of Mt Hood

This event will include a presentation by David Lebo, Lead Botanist for the Mt. Hood National Forest, who is collaborating on a project with Bark and NPSO-PDX for the collection of seeds of plants which promote pollinators in our backyard forest.

Forest Dream Team

I am starting this year with a strong feeling that we as a community have the tools we need to tackle the challenges the coming year brings.