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November Bark About

For our November Bark Hike, join Kyla and Gradey for a tour of the Polallie Cooper Timber Sale proposal. We will explore some tools for learning the conifers of the region as well as the potential impacts to these trees via logging, fire, road building and more.

Watchdogs Dig the Dirt


Do you ever think about how much worse things could be without the watchdogs?

This past week, another dozen forest watchdogs were trained to be the accountability our government depends on. It may be thankless work. Yet, it’s undeniable that all great social change movements in our nation included a few of those tireless souls who will slog through thousands of pages of documents, make a hundred phone calls asking for more documents, and groundtruth every step of a proposal a dozen times.

The Understory: Bark's Book Club

This volunteer led reading group will explore memoir, biography, auto-biography, fiction, drama, and poetry that addresses identity, spirituality, and experience of connecting to special places.
The first reading selection for the group will be a memoir by Ernestine Hayes called Blonde Indian: An Alaska Native Memoir, winner of the American Book Award in 2007.

Bark Volunteer Orientation Fall 2015

Orientation includes a brief history of Bark and Mt. Hood National Forest, discussion on the many volunteer opportunities and trainings that Bark provides through its Rad◦i◦cle Program, and staff on hand to help you find your niche in the organization.

Groundtruthing 201: Fun in the Forest

Prepare to delve into the proposed timber sale’s geography and ecology. We need good photos, good maps, and good people that know that area of forest well enough to show it to others. This training is intended for people interested in becoming actively engaged in this type of in-the-forest work with Bark, and requires no previous experience.

Groundtruthing 101: Fun with Maps

Groundtruthing involves documenting threats to public forests and finding inconsistencies between what the Forest Service says and what is actually

November Ecology Club

This November Ecology Club will be all about the trees! More specifically we will go into the 13 most common conifers in Mt Hood National Forest. We will not only cover the basics of conifer ID we will explore the ecology, or lessons of place these trees have to teach us. For example we can gather clues into what type of disturbance may have occurred in times past, what wildflowers or mushrooms may occur at their feet, and even clues about what kind of forest may move in next. Please bring your stories of your favorite NW conifers so we can continue to grow our understanding and relationship with these majestic beings.

October Bark About: Mushroom hike

**This hike is now full. We encourage you to check out some other seasonal mushroom events this October, including our mushroom identifying, cleaning and cooking event on Monday, Oct. 12. Special thanks to all who RSVP'd early for this hike.

September Bark About

Going for a hike is a great way to plan a backpacking trip. Have you been curious about backpacking, but intimidated by all the details?