Free Event

June Ecology Club: Lichen Night

Are lichens organisms or ecosystems? Are they fungal greenhouses or algal farmsteads?  Find out for yourself this month with Bark's lichenologist Maysa Miller

February Ecology Club: Falling in Love with Plant Medicine

Join Missy Rohs of the Arctos School of Herbal & Botanical Medicine for an exploration of our connection to and interdependence with plants.

January Ecology Club: Winter Tracking with Cascadia Wild

This month we are excited to have the friendly folks from Cascadia Wild join us to discuss wildlife tracking and the amazing work that they do for

April Bark About Hike: North Clack Timber Sale

Join hike leaders Audie and Tara on our April Bark About hike to the proposed No

FULL July Bark About Hike - Forests and Climate Change

Sign ups for this hike are FULL. Feel free to RSVP to be added to the wait list.

April Bark About: Ecopsychology Hike

Since it was proposed about 25 years ago, Ecopsychology has studied and is studying our connection with the rest of the natural world and the deep

June Bark About: Lichen Hike

For our June Bark About, we will explore the unbelievable world of lichens!

January Bark About Hike to Alder Flat

Join Bark hike leaders Lo and Leah to explore Alder Flat, one of the most be