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Forest Dream Team

I am starting this year with a strong feeling that we as a community have the tools we need to tackle the challenges the coming year brings.

October Ecology Club: Mushroom Night!

Join us in October for our fourth annual mushroom night!

September Ecology Club: Forest Invertebrates

Join Scott Hoffman Black, the Executive Director of the Xerces Society,  to explore why we should be concerned with conserving insect habitat and highlight important ways that each of us can better protect this valuable resource. He will also discuss the science and myths behind managing forest insect pests such as bark beetles.  

August Ecology Club: Intro to Forest Ecology

Join us to talk about what makes a Pacific Northwest forest unique: fire, climate, and the mesmerizing stages of forest succession in a Westside forest.

(CANCELLED) December Ecology Club: Bat Night!

*We are sorry to say that Bat Night has been cancelled. Please check back for more opportunities to explore the ecology of My. Hood, including future volunteer-led Ecology Club events every second Wednesday of each month.*

June Ecology Club: Mt. Hood Geology

Ready to take a tour inside Mount Hood?  Join Bark's Ecology Club this June and we will go layer by layer into this dynamic and iconic volcano.

May Ecology Club: Forest Game Night!

This will be an interactive, role-playing game style, with participants presenting different perspectives on forest management.

March Ecology Club: Stories of Place

Come with your stories from Mt Hood and beyond as we use our words in gratitude and re-connection.

February Ecology Club: Wildlife Tracking

This month we are excited to have the friendly folks from Cascadia Wild join us to disc

Base Camp Workshop: Surveying for Red Tree Voles

Join us at Base Camp for a discussion about one of the forest's most fascinating tree-dwelling creatures