Free Event

Native Plants and Pollinators of Mt Hood

This event will include a presentation by David Lebo, Lead Botanist for the Mt. Hood National Forest, who is collaborating on a project with Bark and NPSO-PDX for the collection of seeds of plants which promote pollinators in our backyard forest.

Building Unity in the Spirit of Standing Rock

Please join us for a talk and performance of traditional music by young indigenous organizer Jacob Johns, from the Hopi and Akimel O'odham tribes.

Radicle Training - Groundtruthing 201: Fun in the Forest

This will be the second part of our April Groundtruthing training. We will learn to safely navigate our way through the forest with basic map and compass skills, play detective amongst the trees, and learn to see all the things that make an ecosystem healthy as well as the problems associated with proposed logging

Radicle Training - Groundtruthing 101: Fun with Maps

Groundtruthing involves documenting threats to public forests and finding inconsistencies between what logging plans say and what is actually occurring on the ground.

Winter 2017 Volunteer Orientation

Bark's mission includes actively growing the forest advocacy movement by giving people like you the tools and training they need to be effective forest defenders.

Forest Dream Team

I am starting this year with a strong feeling that we as a community have the tools we need to tackle the challenges the coming year brings.

October Ecology Club: Mushroom Night!

Join us in October for our fourth annual mushroom night!

September Ecology Club: Forest Invertebrates

Join Scott Hoffman Black, the Executive Director of the Xerces Society,  to explore why we should be concerned with conserving insect habitat and highlight important ways that each of us can better protect this valuable resource. He will also discuss the science and myths behind managing forest insect pests such as bark beetles.  

August Ecology Club: Intro to Forest Ecology

Join us to talk about what makes a Pacific Northwest forest unique: fire, climate, and the mesmerizing stages of forest succession in a Westside forest.

(CANCELLED) December Ecology Club: Bat Night!

*We are sorry to say that Bat Night has been cancelled. Please check back for more opportunities to explore the ecology of My. Hood, including future volunteer-led Ecology Club events every second Wednesday of each month.*