Free Event

November Ecology Club: Battle for the Elliot State Forest

Come this month's Ecology Club to hear this presentation about the past and pending lawsuits to save the Elliott habitat, public lands access, and the state of the Marbled Murrelet.

October Ecology Club: Mushroom Night!

Join us in October for our second annual mushroom night! This event will follow on the heels of our second Sunday mushroom hike, and will elaborate on topics and species introduced on the hike.

December Bark About Hike: Climate Change in the Forest

For our December Bark About, we'll be hiking through a recently logged forest, called the Grove Timber Sale

Base Camp: Medicinal Plant Workshop with the Arctos School

Join Gradey Proctor from the Arctos School as we explore forests to learn about how our work as plant people intersects with the important work of

December Ecology Club: Conifers of Mt. Hood

Ecology Club meets monthly in Bark's library space to share knowledge and skills related to the unique ecological setting of Mt. Hood National Forest.

10 days 'til Base Camp!

Audie, Base Camp Coordinator

Kid's Night: Art in Action

Kid's voices are a powerful part of the movement to protect our environment! While this is mostly just a fun night for now, we hope to develop into a productive environmental action group focused on empowering young voices.

July Bark About: Pollinators of Mt. Hood

Come explore the types of beautiful habitats and plant species these important pollinating creatures need to continue to function within their critical roles!

July Ecology Club: Pollinator Night

Pollinators are responsible for assisting over 80% of the world's flowering plants. Learn how to get involved with Bark's upcoming work to restore pollinator habitat on Mt. Hood!