Nestle Water Bottling Proposal

Celebrate Nestlé Defeat & Meet the New ED

Nestle Opponents Celebrate Long-Awaited Victory

Over the years, tens of thousands of Oregonians have actively opposed the transfer of public water to Nestlé.

Nestle Loses, Bark Wins

Kate Brown closes the door on Nestlé​'s proposed bottling plant in Cascade Locks.

Oregonian: Gov. Kate Brown asks for new approach to Nestle water deal

by Kelly House | The Oregonian/OregonLive

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has asked the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to abandon its current strategy to enable Nestle bottled water plant in Cascade Locks in favor of an approach that allows more public input.

Deadline for public comments on Nestle water transfer is tomorrow!

Bark with Food & Water Watch has continuously challenged the Oregon Water Resources Department’s approval of permits that move Nestlé one key step closer to bottling and selling Oregon’s water, but the key is public outcry.

Oxbow Bark Field Trip: Meet the spring Nestlé wants to privatize!

Bark Field Trip to Oxbow public springs which Nestlé is proposing to tap as a source for a bottled water plant in Cascade Locks. Meet ups in Portland and Cascade Locks!

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Allowing this state agency to open the doors to a Nestlé bottling plant not only sets a bad precedent, but this decision would lead to a wasteful and potentially unsustainable use of a public resource.