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Register-Guard: Logging laws on the line: Proposals pit cash-strapped counties against environmentalists

“It basically undoes Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, etc., with the goal of really ramping up (the federal) timber harvest to fund local governments.”


The Oregonian: Do Oregon's clear-cut and pesticide buffers protect drinking water from creeks, rivers?

"If this happened in the Bull Run, there would be an uproar," says Coleman, a former water quality analyst for Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality.


National call in day to defend Oregon's forests July 17th!

Read on for information on how to call Senator Wyden:

The forests in the Pacific Northwest are under dire threat. Members of Congress are considering legislation to convert currently protected areas critical for the conservation of threatened salmon and wildlife into logged sacrifice zones. Worse, the administration has been pondering its own changes to the Northwest Forest Plan that would also accept less forest protection and promote more logging in forests that are now protected.


Bark Alert: Bush-era threats to the forest

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