Journey Down The Clackamas, with the Clackamas River Basin Council!

On March 9, Clackamas River Basin Council will launch a year-long series of free seminars about our unique watershed and its natural resources, from the river’s birth in alpine springs to its confluence with the Willamette River. Subjects range from geology, water quality and forestry to fish, recreational, cultural and public policy issues.

Bark Signs onto Letter Re: Cross laminated timber and environmental sustainability

On behalf of our tens of thousands of members and supporters from the Portland region, and all across Oregon, we write to express our concern over the City of Portland’s investment in the Framework housing project in the Pearl District, and in other projects using cross-laminated timber (CLT).   Our organizations are committed to the protection of our public lands and ecosystems and the transition to climate smart policy at every level of government.  We understand that CLT can be either beneficial or harmful to our environment, based on the sourcing of the wood used in these products, and the production process. 

Letter to Oregon Global Warming Commission on natural resource agencies’ EO 20-04 implementation plans

"...we expect the OGWC to provide critical review and constructive recommendations on the natural resource agencies’ proposed plans for implementing the executive order’s directives. Where necessary for achieving climate goals, we expect the OGWC to compel the agencies to improve their plans."