Palomar Pipeline

Bark Special Alert- Palomar Pipeline Cancelled!

At 1pm this afternoon Palomar withdrew its permit with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Clatsop County votes against LNG project in Warrenton

The vote marks another major victory for those who oppose importing liquefied natural gas to Oregon, throwing the viability of the controversial project in doubt after years of engineering, environmental and permitting struggles.

Court throws out Bradwood LNG license

In the wake of FERC's decision, the future of the Palomar Pipeline is unclear.

Urgent Palomar LNG Pipeline action and a visit to Annie's Cabin

NW Natural unveils joint venture on Palomar pipeline project

The proposed Palomar pipeline gets a new investor from competitor and backer of southern Oregon LNG pipeline, Williams Northwest NW Natural unveils joint venture on Palomar pipeline project

Dwindling Pipelines in Oregon

The initial flurry to build new gas pipeline infrastructure in Oregon appears to be settling.

Southern Oregon Pacific Connector pipeline company gets itchy to build

LNG pipeline company sues State of Oregon for denying permit.

Direct Action on the proposed route of the Palomar Pipeline

This week a group of activists hung a banner over Road 46 in Mt. Hood National Forest near the proposed pipeline crossing on the Clackamas River.

"We Agree: A Crisis in Common”

Printmakers from Portland and Indonesia map the resistance to imported liquefied natural gas from the source to the consumer in two giant relief prints.

Oregonian on Palomar delay

"Cross Cascades pipeline on hold" by Ted Sickinger, the Oregonian.