Palomar Pipeline

Wyden/Merkley Bill Could Stop LNG in Oregon

Oregon's Senators have sponsored a bill that would take LNG siting out of FERC's control.

High stakes: LNG and the Legislature

Oregonian Op-Ed by Nick Engelfried slams the legislature's "fast-track" bill that would result in an abbreviated permit process for the Palomar Pipeline.

FERC Chairman Calls for Change

Chairman John Wellinghoff attended a conference in Portland and spoke about the impacts of LNG development on climate change.

Bark Joins Lawsuit Against Bush-Era Energy Planning

Conservation organizations and a western Colorado county today filed a legal challenge to a Bush-era plan that designated energy corridors that promote coal-fired and other fossil-fuel power plants.

FERC Announces Palomar Pipeline Alternative Route

A 30-day public comment period opens up regarding a new alternative to the Palomar Pipeline route.

LNG Opponents Stage Rally Against NW Natural

Yesterday, anti-LNG Oregonians rallied outside the NW Natural shareholder's meeting to say NO PALOMAR PIPELINE IN MT. HOOD!

January 2009 Bark Program about LNG

The Bark for Mt Hood Public Access program for January 2009 features the January Hike to the LNG Palomar Pipe Line Clackamas River crossing site; speakers from the January Clean Energy Rally in Salem; and a Power Point presentation by Dan Serres on LNG.

More than 1,500 people take action against the Palomar Pipeline

Thank you to everyone who signed a postcard, sent in an email or wrote a letter in opposition to the Palomar Pipeline destroying Mt. Hood's forest ecosystems!

Coalition Challenges Bradwood Landing, Joined by State of Washington

Columbia Riverkeeper filed a challenge to the Bradwood Landing, State of Oregon's challenge is joined by neighboring State of Washington.

Clackamas County Passes an Anti-Pipeline Resolution

The five-member Board of Commissioners pass a resolution against the Palomar Pipeline.