Palomar Pipeline

Land Use Board of Appeals Haults LNG Terminal

Another victory for anti-LNG groups! The Land Use Board of Appeals overturns approval on the Bradwood LNG Terminal.

State asks court to toss Bradwood site's approval

The state of Oregon asked the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday to overturn federal regulators' approval of the Bradwood Landing liquefied natural gas terminal.

Forest Service plans to clear legal path for pipeline in Mount Hood forest

The Oregonian reports that the Forest Service plans to loosen environmental laws in Mt. Hood National Forest for the Palomar Pipeline.

Wyden Objects to Planned Pipeline Through Mt. Hood

Senator Wyden has come out with a letter to the Forest Service, strongly opposing amendments to rules on Mt. Hood to allow for the Palomar Pipeline.

Palomar files for FERC application, despite comment period extension

Palomar files application with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission weeks before public input is registered.

Olympia Washington NO LNG Rally

Video of a Rally on the steps of the State Capitol in Olympia Washington, urging Governor Chris Gregoire to mount a legal challenge to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) approval of the Bradwood Liquefied Natural Gas terminal.

LNG Opponents Will Challenge FERC Decision on Bradwood Landing

FERC approves permit for terminal connected to the Palomar Pipeline and opponents call on State to deny all additional permits.

Clatsop County voters reject proposed pipeline for LNG !!

In the first, and possibly only, public vote on LNG and pipelines, the overwhelming voice says NO.

Hike the Pipe Week End

Members and supporters of the Forest Advocacy organization Bark ( recently hiked the 40 miles of the proposed Palomar pipe line, as it goes through 40 miles of the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Many Rivers to Cross

Anti-LNG Protest on the Clackamas River