Comments Due on Proposed Logging in Upper Sandy and Salmon River Watersheds

Right now, the Forest Service is in the first round of public comments for the Zigzag Project. Please follow the link below to see some example Talking Points and submit your own comments, concerns, recommendations, and questions to the Forest Service in the early stages of the project development.

Bark Alert: Sandy and Salmon River Ecosystems Threatened

Now, after a decades-long moratorium on logging, the Forest Service is under pressure to meet the Trump administration’s increased timber volume quotas with the proposed Zigzag Timber Sale and proposes to log mature forests in the upper reaches of the Sandy and Salmon river watersheds.​

Zigzag Timber Sale: NEPA Comment Writing Workshop

This workshop will be a space to draft substantive comments to ensure that we have legal standing in the fight against the U.S. Forest Service logging in Zigzag.

Zigzag Timber Sale Campaign Meeting #2

There hasn't been any logging in the Zigzag District of Mt. Hood in almost 25 years.

January Ecology Club: Comment-Writing Workshop

Let’s demystify the process of commenting on projects planned on public land so we can more effectively change these projects for the better!  

Summer Events Update

Pika, groundtruthing a new timbersale, and Base Camp updates!

Statesman Journal: Zigzag Ranger District Offering Mt. Hood Hikes

The Mt. Hood National Forest is offering a weekly pair of guided hikes during August to learn more about the mountain.

Restrictions put in place as fire danger levels rise in national forest

Fire levels for the Clackamas and Zigzag Ranger Districts will change from Low to Moderate.