Report Forest Abuse

Russ with damaged roadThank you for reporting forest abuse

By informing Bark of what you see in the forest, you become part of our network of boots on the ground helping to watchdog Mt. Hood National Forest.

What to report:
Damaged roads, culverts, inboard ditches, signs, or trails.
Evidence of illegal Off-Highway-Vehicle (OHV) use.
Dumped refuse, signs of illegal shooting.
Dangerous use of roads by logging vehicles or other concerns about logging activity.
Abusive interaction with a concessionaire at a privately managed recreation site in our public forest.

Please use the form below to let us know about your concerns. Include photos, locations, and any other information you are able to gather.

What we will do with the information: The information you provide here will inform our work in the forest. We will investigate reports of abuse that concern us and use these reports to inform public land managers and decision makers about the condition of Mt. Hood National Forest. We will ensure that any abuse you report is provided to the correct land manager and other organizations working to protect Mt. Hood. Please use the attached contact list if you want to directly communicate your concern to the Forest Service and/or agencies working in Mt. Hood National Forest.


Please provide this information: