Grasshopper Timber Sale

The Grasshopper project is in early stages of planning, with a draft Proposed Action scheduled to be released in summer 2019. The project is located in the approximate center of the Barlow Ranger District of Mt. Hood National Forest, and spans several forest types - from high elevation moist mixed conifer all the way down to low elevation pine and oak forest. It is bordered to the north by the Badger Creek Wilderness; on the east by Forest Road 4880; and to the west and south by the Rocky planning area.

Project Details: In this area, the USFS has stated their objectives of "reducing the fuel density" on approximately 5,000 acres to "minimize the wildfire risks to adjacent communities, firefighters and the public."  With this, they hope to produce 15-20 MMBF of timber.

The project area contains several federal designations relevant to the planning of a timber sale, including large areas of Critical Habiat for northern spotted owls, a National Recreation Area (which includes the popular Boulder Lake area), and Late Successional Reserves (a land allocation enacted by the Northwest Forest Plan). 

Here is the map of the National Recreation Area within Grasshopper (click to enlarge) and a map of Northwest Forest Plan Land Use Allocations.

The USFS has also expressed interest in the use of prescribed fire to create habitat conditions that allow fire to perform its natural ecological function and more closely mimic natural processes that maintain desired forest structure and habitat. Related to this, Bark believes the agency should deeply evaluate the current transportations system and impacts, and assess future needs for access and fire protection while actively looking at how to reduce the oversize road network.  

Bark will be surveying the Grasshopper proposed units this summer, as well as evaluating the area for its potential for the restoration of beaver populations in the watershed.

Check back to see Flickr page updated with photos taken within the project area.

Project Status: 
General Information
Barlow Ranger District

Threemile and Boulder Creeks are the primary subwatersheds included within the planning area, and as a whole the entire planning area lies with the White River Watershed.

Habitat & Species
Habitat & Species: 

The Grasshopper area includes significant acres of Critical Habitat for the northern spotted owl, and at least three owl nests have been previously located.

"Purpose & Need": 

"The goal of the Grasshopper Project is to implement vegetation treatments through a variety of methods across approximately 7,660 acres of the Mt. Hood National Forest, restoring the landscape to conditions more consistent with natural disturbance regimes and species compositions.  Treatment types could be, but would not be limited to, sapling thinning; commercial plantation thinning; variable density thinning from above and below; and shelterwood cutting.  Treatment would occur across a variety of stand types and stand ages to meet stated objectives."